Plettenberg Bay Country Club

The Course

The Course

A hole-by-hole guide to the course…

Hole 1Hole 1

Par 4 • Stroke 17 • 342m

A friendly handshake hole, the wide downhill fairway has a generous landing area.

A big hook could land one in the dam on the left.

Water and bunker on the right may leave the faint hearted favouring a left side approach to the green.

Hole 2Hole 2

Par 4 • Stroke 3 • 381m

A good drive is required to set up a second shot to the green.

Water on the left may catch a very big pulled drive, this water feature follows the fairway to behind the green.

The fairway is long and flat with an interesting approach to the two tier green.

An attractive bridge leads you to the 3rd Tee.

Hole 3Hole 3

Par 4 • Stroke 9 • 344m

A dog-leg right fairway with a strategically placed fairway bunker guarding the prime landing area from which to play your second shot.

With a following wind, fly the bunker.

Into the wind, keep left of the bunker.

Your approach shot should favour the centre, rather than the front of the green.

Hole 4Hole 4

Par 5 • Stroke 11 • 480m

Take dead aim, hit the centre of the fairway, the reed bed on the right collects more balls than the hazard on the left.

Big hitters can make the green in two. Most players lay up in front of the Piesang River and hit a lofted club to the green for their third shot.

Beware of the water hazard on the left of the fairway, it cuts back into the fairway at 150m and 130m from the green.

Hole 5Hole 5

Par 4 • Stroke 1 • 370m

This hole is seriously affected by the wind. The prevailing westerly tends to keep your drive well short of the river. A decision to use a following wind to drive over the river should only be taken by the brave and confident big hitters.

Lesser mortals will be hitting woods and low irons into a large interesting green guarded by bunkers on left.

The slopes on this green are quite challenging. The hole is worthy of it’s stroke 1 rating.

Hole 6Hole 6

Par 3 • Stroke 5 • 164m

On a calm day, from a seven iron to a five wood is required depending upon the age and ability of the striker. If into the wind, you might need anything from a 4 iron to a driver!

Bunkers and water guard the left side of the green including a unique ‘bunker within a bunker’.

Hole 7Hole 7

Par 5 • Stroke 15 • 434m

The narrow entrance to the fairway demands a good accurate drive.

Large yellow wood trees dominate both sides of the fairway. The beautiful Knysna Loerie is often encountered on this hole.

The Piesang river is a threat on the right for the entire length of the fairway. An interesting green with a few awkward pin positions.

Hole 8Hole 8

Par 3 • Stroke 7 • 180m

A large bunker guarding the left side of the green dominates your approach to the green.

The undulating green welcomes a big, brave, high shot.

Avoid the graveyard on the right.

Hole 9Hole 9

Par 4 • Stroke 13 • 333m

A slight dog leg left, the narrow entrance favours those who can draw their drives.

The uphill approach for the second shot requires that you use an extra club. Be straight, and be up, there are bunkers left and right with interesting slopes on the green.

Enjoy your halfway break with a slice of the famous lemon meringue pie.

Hole 10Hole 10

Par 4 • Stroke 10 • 342m

Downhill all the way to a dog leg right.

If you wish to cut the corner don’t take on the forest. Beware of the trees straight in front of you a driver will take you into trouble.

The elevated green requires a direct hit. The hole provides a friendly start to the beautiful back nine.

Hole 11Hole 11

Par 3 • Stroke 18 • 120m

A charming short hole, go for the green, water left, bush right and don’t land your tee shot on the pathway.

A tremendous putting surface with many good pin potentials. Extra care and accuracy is required when the pin is tucked in far left over the water.

Hole 12Hole 12

Par 4 • Stroke 4 • 371m

A challenging hole, aim at the yellowwood on the left of the fairway.

The indigenous forest on the right is home to many bird species. Vervet monkeys and baboons are common, and occasionally, bush pig are observed.

Your shot into the green, bunkered on the right, should favour the left side.

Hole 13Hole 13

Par 3 • Stroke 8 • 171m

Another challenging short hole where a big tee shot is required. Wind, slope and bunkering suggest aiming at the left of the green.

Treated with respect you can score on this hole. A fade, caught by the prevailing wind will have you conversing with the indigenous wildlife!

Hole 14Hole 14

Par 4 • Stroke 14 • 299m

What a beautiful tee. Surrounded by forest and far from noisy traffic, an air of peace and tranquility prevails, with the possibility of seeing or hearing a Narina Trogon.

Take note of the two big oak trees in the middle of the fairway!

The ideal shot is to aim for the 100m marker, giving a direct shot to the huge green.

A memorable hole, like many of the holes on this delightful golf course.

Hole 15Hole 15

Par 5 • Stroke 16 • 473m

Only open your shoulders if you can play the “power fade”. The riverine forest on left catches the big straight or pulled shot.

An attractive par five which yields many birdies. The green is reachable with two good shots from the club tee.

Hole 16Hole 16

Par 4 • Stroke 2 • 359m

The signature hole of the course when played off the back (top) tee.

The river comes into play more as a threat to a bad shot than anything else.

Two excellent shots are required to make the green in regulation.

Wonderful yellowwood trees dominate the left of the fairway, which makes it great to be out there with nature.

Hole 17Hole 17

Par 4 • Stroke 6 • 344m

A wide fairway with trouble left and right, so keep the drive down the middle.

A big green is guarded by water left and bunker right but there is a gap through the middle.

A challenging hole if the easterly is blowing.

Hole 18Hole 18

Par 5 • Stroke 12 • 470m

An impressive closing hole, long dog leg to left.

Don’t shortcut across the 9th – that fairway is out of bounds.

A good straight drive sets up a second shot which should take you to within 100m of the flag.

The green has two tiers. Check the pin placing to see where you should place that final shot, ensuring that your final approach is comfortably over the bunkers.

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